Pre departure research

Well, not really. Business took me to Paris in search of asian supermarkets, which I located in the 13th arrondissement. So, I booked a hotel there, made a list and motored up. 

The 13th is an area I’ve motored through, but only to get on or off the autoroute. You live and learn. Had I turned into  one  one of the roads parallel with ave d’italia I would have found myself in little Saigon. Not only that, but the fabled Vietnamese baguettes are readily available.

The only thing missing was the incessant buzz of 125cc scooters and motorbikes as they powered pass you, more often as not on the pavement as well as the road. That was something I never got used to, but hopefully this trip, as most of it will be far from capital cities, should be free of this. I have read somewhere that the Vietnamese government is taking action against those little motos. Prosecuting all those who drive on the pavements, weaving between hapless pedestrians, would be a good starting point.


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